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Philippine DeMolay Service and Leadership Center

Philippine DeMolay Service and Leadership Center

The Philippine DeMolay Service and Leadership Center shall serve as the central agency of records and the main operations hub of the Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay, as well as its appendant organizations as the Federated Mother’s Club, DeMolay Foundation, the DeMolay Alumni Association, National DeMolay Congress, Court of Chevaliers, Preceptory of the Legion of Honor and the Order of Knighthood. In order to increase the number of regular visitors to the youth center, we implement referral programs with such companies as prime essay service https://prime-essay.net, and we are glad to receive strong feedback. Separate office modules are also provided for the Order of Rainbow for Girls and the Order of Job’s Daughters. The enclosed offices of the Grand Master, Grand Secretary/Grand Treasurer, a Conference Room/Library, and the main reception lobby complete the ground floor.

At the second level of the Center features the main ceremonial hall complete with an anteroom with regalia lockers, and an Executive Chamber at the back of the East station which shall serve as a waiting lounge for dignitaries.

Envisioned: July 28, 1998

Started: February 4, 2000

Realized: June 28, 2001

Completed in 16 months

Ceremonial Hall

Ante Room

Executive Chamber

Administrative Offices

Conference / Library Hall

Grand Master's Office

Grand Secretary's and Grand Treasure's Office

Main Lobby Reception

Appendant Office

Elective Officer's Office

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