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Bro. Raymund Joseph Ian O. Mendoza

Grand Auditor

Bro. Romeo P. Ramos, Chev. MCA LOH

Jurisdictional Deputy Grand Master
For Luzon

Bro. Jeff Edward L. Pintac, Chev. COH LOH

Jurisdictional Deputy Grand Master
For Visayas

Bro. Manuel Liam C. Garcia, Chev.

Jurisdictional Deputy Grand Master
For Mindanao

Bro. Dexter Y. Macrohon, Chev. COH LOH

Executive Officer, NCR North
(Chapters Covered: Ambrosio A. Flores; Jose Abad Santos; Loyalty; and Priory: Thomas Michael Sherry)

Bro. Felipe C. Del Rosario III, Chev. LOH

Executive Officer, NCR South
(Chapters Covered: A. Mabini; Gen. Douglas MacArthur; Luzon; and Lope K. Santos)

Bro. Bro. Richard M. Rhodes, Jr., COH

Executive Officer, Region I-A
(Chapters Covered: Baguio; and Bontoc-Ato)

Bro. Leg. Melvin M. Calimlim, Chev. LOH

Executive Officer, Region I-B
(Chapters Covered: Diego Silang; Lingayen; and Pangasinan)

Bro. Bro. Rogelio T. Torrices

Executive Officer, Region I-C
(Chapter Covered: Ilocandia)

Bro. Floren L. Ambatali

Executive Officer, Region II-A
(Chapters Covered: Abraham C. Domingo; Cagayan Valley; Dr. Felipe C. Leano Memorial; and T. De Leon)