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Unveiling the Allure of Necklaces: A Comprehensive Guide

Refined, original, and impressive necklaces first appeared in ancient Egypt. In those days, such products served as a sign of high social status, symbolizing the owner's belonging to the class of aristocracy or high-ranking priests. Today, jewelry has become much more diverse - they are made of metal, precious stones, rhinestones, plastic, leather, and textiles, decorated with beads, chains, and pendants. Different models can be combined with a cocktail dress, with a bright ensemble in the "boho" style, and even with a discreet office suit! However, to do this, you need to know what types of necklaces exist - and our article will help you understand them. Elevate your style with exquisite necklaces from yantar.ua, offering a stunning collection of handcrafted pieces, carefully designed to accentuate your unique personality. Discover the perfect necklace to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any ensemble.

Features and characteristics - what are accessories like?

First of all, you need to understand how necklaces differ from necklaces. Their main feature is a pronounced central part. In addition, such decorations are often more elegant and attractive, they have many decorative elements, pendants, inserts. As a rule, the material for making necklaces is platinum, gold or high-quality silver, as well as natural gems - therefore, they are ideal for official meetings, celebrating important events and holidays.

Women who want to choose a neck ornament are often guided by the length of the accessory. That is why stylists have created a classification of jewelry based on their sizes. Here are the main types of products:

  • collar (up to 35 cm). In the Middle Ages, only men who were members of a certain knightly order had the right to wear such accessories (a chain with large links that fits tightly around the neck and ends with a massive pendant - an order, a medallion with a lock of a beautiful lady's hair, a pendant with a heraldic sign). Now there are no prohibitions - and flat wide "collars" are in fashion, the length of which is almost equal to the girth of the neck, as well as models imitating a collar of a shirt (they are embroidered with beads, pearls, gems);
  • choker necklace. Their length is from 35 to 40 cm. Traditionally, such products look like a rubber lace with fasteners made of precious metal. Sometimes they are supplemented with a beautiful pendant. Both men and women can try on such universal jewelry;
  • princess (42-48 cm). This is the most elegant and classic option. But, at the same time, this length allows you to experiment with design to your heart's content - therefore, the product can be either restrained and monotonous, or bright, avant-garde and even a little outrageous;
  • matinee ("matinee", 50-60 cm). Are you looking for a necklace that will be suitable for a visit to the theater or a performance at a formal event? This model is the best choice! Most often, such accessories look like a string of pearls, wrapped twice around the neck, but modern designers offer jewelry made of precious metals and stones, decorated with inserts and pendants;
  • opera (up to 85 cm). Such products consist of miniature details, against the background of which the central part seems more massive and noticeable. They almost reach the waist line, and therefore visually make the silhouette slimmer;
  • rope ("rope"), or sotoire (from 112 to 180 cm). Similar necklaces are worn by wrapping around the neck several times. In order to facilitate the construction and give it greater strength, they are often made prefabricated, placing fasteners along the entire length of the jewelry. This accessory perfectly harmonizes with an evening dress with an open back or a deep neckline.

And all these varieties are presented in our Yantar Polissia online store! Here you can not only buy exclusive, attractive and high-quality jewelry, hand-made from natural solar gems by our craftsmen, but also get competent advice on how to choose a necklace and with which rings, earrings, and pins it can be combined. Such a stylish and unique set will be a welcome gift and a unique addition to your wardrobe.

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