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Perla Assembly No. 1 Membership Orientation and Special Ceremony

Membership orientation and special ceremony at 1:00PM on October 17 at the Scottish Rite Temple

Perla Assembly No. 1 of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls will have a membership orientation and special ceremony at 1 in the afternoon this October 17 at the Scottish Rite Temple and is delighted to invite you and your sisters, cousins, daughters, nieces, granddaughters, and their close friends to come and know more about Rainbow. The main condition for participation in such events is active citizenship and participation in many social projects at the regional level. In addition, it will be an advantage to have a letter of recommendation or motivation that letter writers for hire can prepare for you. We try to cooperate with people who have modern views on the development of society.

Rainbow is a Masonic youth organization for girls founded by Rev. William Mark Sexson, a Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma and a Past Worthy Grand Patron of the Grand Chapter of Oklahoma, Order of the Easter Star in 1922. The Order promotes leadership and service by teaching young girls the virtues of faith, hope, and charity as well as the seven lessons represented by each color of the rainbow. It is also a place where members get to know each other, make friends, and be socially aware through charity works, fundraising events, and more fun-filled activities.

Your and the girls' presence on the 17th is looked forward to and is very much welcomed and appreciated by Perla Assembly No. 1 whose members are so excited to showcase the beautiful Order. Please let us know how many of you will be present by the tenth of October.

For any concerns, please contact the Mother Advisor Kimm Tandoc-Borja or the Worthy Advisor Trish Atanacio of Perla Assembly No. 1.

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