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Ducis Exemplum or Leadersip by Example

Willing to serve your respective Jurisdiction (Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao)?

The DeMolay National Congress opens its doors for aspiring DeMolay Leaders who is willing to serve his respective Jurisdiction (Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao) in a broad, wide-ranging and greater capacity as the Jurisdictional Master Councilor. A volunteering journey For God. For Country. For DeMolay.

-Must have attained the age of 17 years old at the time of his election
-Must have been a Past Master Councilor (PMC) of a DeMolay Chapter
-Must not be an Incumbent Master Councilor of a DeMolay Chapter
-Must have been a member of the Order of DeMOlay for at least 2 years prior to his election
-Must not have been subject to disciplinary actions by any duly constituted DeMolay authority.

JMC Requirements::
1. Letter of Intent specifying the area of his jurisdiction.
2. Certificate of Proficieny in the Ritual and Public Ceremonies duly signed by the Chairman, Chapter Advisor and Executive Officer of the region.
3. Certificate of Good Standing issued by the Chairman of the Advisory Council.
4. Comprehensive resume with the latest 2x2 photo wearing the Master Councilor's robe in white background.

The resume shall include scholastic and academic records of the precious school year. accomplishments and achievements as Master Councilor and his civic invlovement and activities in the community.

One page sypnosis containing his proposed plans and programs, if elected, and a brief explanation why he is aspiring for the Jurisdictional Master Councilor position for the election under the DeMolay National Congress (DNC).

Submit the required documents to:
[email protected] on or before April 23, 2017

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