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Why Should You Be a DeMolay?

The Order's selectivity makes your admission a testimonial to your good character and fitness.

You will belong to a world wide Brotherhood of which nearly three million young men have become members.

Your membership will automatically enlist the commendation of the leaders of your community as one who seeks out proper companionship and activities.

You will immediately have a strong tie of mutual interest with hundreds of thousands of other DeMolays in cities and towns located across the state as well as the world.

Whether, in the armed forces, away at college or merely on vacation, where ever you go you will always find a warm-hearted DeMolay friend and brother ready to help you in any possible way.

A wide variety of chapter activities in social affairs, civic events, athletics and many other areas will provide you with a worthwhile occupation of your spare time.

Your membership will provide you with a wholesome environment and associations.

You will be given an opportunity to achieve recognition by earning awards and other honors.

DeMolay teaching and ideals will help to make you a better son, a better citizen and a better friend.

The benefits you will receive from DeMolay cannot be measured in dollars and cents, but instead must be measured in those traits and qualities of character that will remain with you for life.

Did You Know...?
"Omaha Chapter in Omaha, Nebraska is the oldest continually active DeMolay Chapter."
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