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How to Form an Alumni DeMolay Chapter

What are the steps in the formation of a DeMolay Alumni Chapter or application of Letters Temporary of new Chapters?

1. There must be at least ten (10) Senior DeMolays who are in good standing and/or members of the DAAP, can petition to form a DeMolay Alumni Chapter in their respective area.
2. The group will submit the duly accomplished “Petition for Letters Temporary” to the Jurisdictional Vice-President for approval. Together with the Petition for Letters Temporary, the group should submit the list of charter members, elected and appointed officers.
3. The name of the DeMolay Alumni Chapter cannot be named after a living person. 
4. Upon the approval of the Jurisdictional Vice-President, the application must be forwarded to the DAAP Secretary who shall issue the Letters Temporary to the proposed Chapter.
5. The proposed Alumni Chapter shall remit to the DAAP the amount of Two Thousand Pesos (PhP 2,000.00) within seven (7) days before their scheduled institution.
6. Unless the Chapter is instituted or the President for good cause extends the time, Letters Temporary expire at the end of twelve (12) months from the date of issuance.
7. A Chapter to which Letters Temporary have been issued shall be instituted, in the manner and form prescribed by the DAAP, by the DAAP President and the Jurisdictional Vice-President of the Chapter’s respective area, or by any DAAP official duly appointed by the President; and the Instituting Officer shall report the institution to the DAAP Secretary.
(*Based on Article IV Section 5 of the DAAP Amended By-Laws 2004)

How can we have or apply for our Charter?

1. A Charter may not be issued except on the recommendation of the Jurisdictional Vice-President and subject to the discretion of the President and the Secretary.

2. Before a Charter will be issued, the Alumni Chapter acting under Letters Temporary must establish that:
  a) All sums due to the DAAP have been paid; 
  b) The prescribed Charter fee has been paid; 
  c) All reports due the DAAP are in the hands of the Secretary; 
  d) The Letters Temporary have been returned to the Secretary; 
  e) The names of the Alumni Chapter’s Officers, to be inscribed in the Charter, are in the hands of the Secretary and 
  f) By the conduct of the Chapter’s affairs for a substantial period of time, of not less than six (6) months, there is a reasonable certainty that the Alumni Chapter will be successful and permanent.
(**Based on Circular No. 5 Series of 2002-Lara)

How can I be a DAAP Member?
1. All DeMolays who have reached the age of 21 are welcome to be a DAAP Member. The membership in the DAAP shall be two-fold, namely:   
         a) Chapter and  
         b) Individual.  
Chapter Membership -All Alumni Chapter duly organized under Letters Temporary issued by the Supreme Council prior to the adoption of these By-Laws and all Chapters organized thereafter are automatic member of the DAAP.
Individual Membership - to be eligible for membership, a Senior DeMolay must possess and submit the following:
  (1) he must be a good standing in the Chapter during his Active status and have never been expelled and /or suspended by his Chapter;   
  (2) he must not be convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude;   
  (3) duly accomplished membership form;   
  (4) payment of membership fee.
2.  All Senior DeMolays who are members of a duly recognized Alumni Chapters and has paid membership fee to the DAAP and the Alumni Chapter.  
      (*Based on Article IV Section 2 to 5 of the DAAP By-Laws 2004)

How can we secure our Alumni I.D.?

1. The Alumni ID will be issued to those Senior DeMolays who had paid their membership and annual fee to DAAP. You may secure your Alumni ID to the DAAP Office.
2. In case of lost ID, just visit the DAAP Office and upon verification of your good standing. New ID will be issued to replace the lost one.
3. The ID's will not be immediately released upon application, it may take at least two (2) weeks for processing.  
4. Please coordinate with your Chapter Officers if possible for fast and convenient verification of your standing.
5. For those who still have their old ID's such as the silver or black, they may request or not to purchase this new ID. As it was unanimously approved during the 8th Congress, those old ID remains a valid DAAP ID.

What is a Dues Card?

The Dues Card is a card issued to those who paid their annual dues to DAAP. As of now, this dues was set to  P300.00.  It signified your status as a member in good standing of the Association. This card is replace once every year upon payment of your dues to the chapter secretary or to the DAAP Office directly.
DAAP Past Presidents
1. Bro. Ernest L. Castañeda

 - Airline Pilot
 - Mother Chapter: Baguio
 - Alumni Chapter: Jose Abad Santos DAC#12
2. Bro. Joel C. Lamangan

 - Movie Director
 - Mother Chapter: Emmanuel Baja
 - Alumni Chapter: Cavite City DAC#17
DY 1997-1998
3. Bro. Alan Javellana

 - Finance Administrator
 - Mother Chapter: Serafin V. Aguilar
 - Alumni Chapter: Escudo DAC#4
DY 1998-1999
4. Bro. Demosthenes G. Tacbas, Jr.

 - School Administrator
 - Mother Chapter: Misamis
 - Alumni Chapter: Espada DAC#11
DY 1999-2000
5. Bro. Florencio D. Agot

 - Civil Engineer
 - Mother Chapter: Agusan Valley
 - Alumni Chapter: Agusan Valley DAC#2
DY 2000-2001
6. Bro. Edward Y. Chua

 - School Administrator
 - Mother Chapter: Dr. Manuel S. Bernardo
 - Alumni Chapter: East Visayas DAC#16
DY 2001-2002
7. Bro. Kris V. Curaming

 - Bank Officer
 - Mother Chapter: Wadih C. Saab
 - Alumni Chapter: Bulawan DAC#19
DY 2002-2003
8. Bro. Alex B. Lara

 - Businessman
 - Mother Chapter: Mt. Matutum
 - Alumni Chapter: Mt. Matutum DAC#6
DY 2003-2004
9. Bro. Vicente B. Acsay, Jr.

 - Businessman
 - Mother Chapter: Graciano Lopez Jaena
 - Alumni Chapter: Escudo DAC#4
DY 2004-2005
10. Bro. Jose B. Dela Cruz

 - Bank Officer
 - Mother Chapter: Rio Grande
 - Alumni Chapter: Rio Grande DAC#21
Alumni Chapters

Chapter Name DAC No. Location
 Northern Central Luzon Jurisdiction
 1. Diego Silang 7 San Fernando, La Union
 2. Dagupan City 10 Dagupan City, Pangasinan
 3. Dad Macario R. Ramos, Sr. 14 San Jose City, Nueva Ecija
 4. Baguio Centennial 20 Baguio City
 5. Teodoro R. Yangco 24 Olongapo City
 6. Cagayan Valley 25 Santiago City, Isabela
 7. Far East 31 Angeles City, Pampanga
 8. Kalikasan *UD Muñoz City, Nueva Ecija
 NCR Southern Luzon Jurisdiction
 1. Escudo 4 Metro Manila
 2. Gen. Douglas MacArthur 5 Metro Manila
 3. Dr. Roman L. Kamatoy 8 Sta. Cruz, Laguna
 4. Fidelity 9 Batangas City
 5. Jose Abad Santos 12 Metro Manila
 6. Loyalty 13 Metro Manila
 7. Cavite City 17 Cavite City
 8. Makiling 23 Los Baños, Laguna
 9. Katabay 29 Parañaque City
 10. Kalayaan Melquides 30 San Pablo City, Laguna
 11. San Pedro 32 San Pedro, Laguna
 12. Honorable Sires Guild 34 Quezon City
 13. Bicol 36 Naga City
 14. Kalilayan 37 Lucena City, Quezon
 Western Visayas Jurisdiction
 1. Garde du Corps 11 Bacolod City
 2. East Visayas 16 Tacloban City
 Eastern Central Visayas Jurisdiction
 1. Cebu 18 Cebu City
 2. Acacia 35 Iloilo City
 Eastern Central Visayas Jurisdiction
 1. Agusan Valley 2 Butuan City
 2. Zamboanga 3 Zamboanga City
 3. Espada 15 Ozamis City
 4. Bulawan 19 Cagayan De Oro City
 5. Maayad Ha Sulud 28 Malaybalay City
 6. Panggilak Sagdagan 38 Oroquieta City
 Eastern Central Visayas Jurisdiction
 1. Feliciano Iñigo 1 Davao City
 2. Mt. Matutum 6 Gen. Santos City
 3. Rio Grande 21 Kabacan, Cotabato
 4. Cotabato 22 Cotabato City
 5. Dad Gervacio J. Riconalla 26 Iligan City
 6. Mt. Apo 27 Digos, Davao Del Sur
 7. Dalisay 33 Tagum City
 8. Kalibongan *UD Kidapawan, Cotabato
DAAP Officers for year 2007-2009
Bro. Armando A. Lumontad, Chev., President
Bro. Nemencio T. Aguilar, PMC, Chev., Executive Vice President

Jurisdictional Vice Presidents for:
Bro. Ramil V. Huele, PMC, PP, Northern Central Luzon
Bro. Noel Gideon G. Goco, NCR Southern Luzon
Bro. Vincent Joseph C. Villareal, PMC (Carry-over), Western Visayas
Bro. Fernando B. Bodo, Chev., East Central Visayas
Bro. Benjie T. Lasam, North Western Mindanao
Bro. Rodolfo M. Garcia, Jr. (Carry-over), South Central Mindanao

Bro. Willardo S. Remo, Jr., PMC, Secretary
Bro. Allene O. Gonzales, PMC, LCC, Treasurer
Bro. Emman James H. Gonowon, PMC, PIKC-KT, Auditor
Bro. Dexter Y. Macrohon, Public Relation Officer
Bro. Jack Edsel B. Saavedra, PMC, Chaplain


Bro. Vincent Joseph C. Villareal, PMC, Chairman
Bro. Renato André A. Paraan, Chev., Co-Chairman
Bro. Dennis P. Mariano, PMC, PP, Secretary

BOD Members:

Bro. Orlando M. Salatandre, Jr., Immediate Past DAAP President
Bro. Ralph Blasé P. Perez, PMC
Bro. Elmundo F. Dador


Did You Know...?
"DeMolay still teaches the same seven precepts or basic life principles upon which DeMolay members should base their lives: Filial love (love of parents), reverence for sacred things, courtesy, comradeship, fidelity (faithfulness), cleanness, and patriotism."
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