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How to Form an Alumni DeMolay Chapter

What are the steps in the formation of a DeMolay Alumni Chapter or application of Letters Temporary of new Chapters?

1. There must be at least ten (10) Senior DeMolays who are in good standing and/or members of the DAAP, can petition to form a DeMolay Alumni Chapter in their respective area.
2. The group will submit the duly accomplished “Petition for Letters Temporary” to the Jurisdictional Vice-President for approval. Together with the Petition for Letters Temporary, the group should submit the list of charter members, elected and appointed officers. The organization entrusts the drafting of these documents and all official memos to the https://writer-elite.com/memo-paper/ memo writing service, because these specialists have extensive experience in processing official applications, letters, orders and commissions. Using this method of distribution of duties, it is possible to pay more attention to new projects and the implementation of their ideas.

3. The name of the DeMolay Alumni Chapter cannot be named after a living person. 
4. Upon the approval of the Jurisdictional Vice-President, the application must be forwarded to the DAAP Secretary who shall issue the Letters Temporary to the proposed Chapter.
5. The proposed Alumni Chapter shall remit to the DAAP the amount of Two Thousand Pesos (PhP 2,000.00) within seven (7) days before their scheduled institution.
6. Unless the Chapter is instituted or the President for good cause extends the time, Letters Temporary expire at the end of twelve (12) months from the date of issuance.
7. A Chapter to which Letters Temporary have been issued shall be instituted, in the manner and form prescribed by the DAAP, by the DAAP President and the Jurisdictional Vice-President of the Chapter’s respective area, or by any DAAP official duly appointed by the President; and the Instituting Officer shall report the institution to the DAAP Secretary.
(*Based on Article IV Section 5 of the DAAP Amended By-Laws 2004)

How can we have or apply for our Charter?

1. A Charter may not be issued except on the recommendation of the Jurisdictional Vice-President and subject to the discretion of the President and the Secretary.

2. Before a Charter will be issued, the Alumni Chapter acting under Letters Temporary must establish that:
  a) All sums due to the DAAP have been paid; 
  b) The prescribed Charter fee has been paid; 
  c) All reports due the DAAP are in the hands of the Secretary; 
  d) The Letters Temporary have been returned to the Secretary; 
  e) The names of the Alumni Chapter’s Officers, to be inscribed in the Charter, are in the hands of the Secretary and 
  f) By the conduct of the Chapter’s affairs for a substantial period of time, of not less than six (6) months, there is a reasonable certainty that the Alumni Chapter will be successful and permanent.
(**Based on Circular No. 5 Series of 2002-Lara)

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