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Frequently Asked Questions
What is DeMolay?
DeMolay is a dynamic group of young men, between the ages of 13 and 21, who are active and like challenges. DeMolay Philippines is definitely where the ACTION is! DeMolay Philippines is a nonprofit international youth organization that was founded in 1919 in Kansas City, Missouri, where our international headquarters is located, and is dedicated to helping today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders.

What do DeMolay members do? Basically, just about anything they want. They help each other in solving a wide range of problems, those who are studying even ask to do my marketing assignment to the https://essaysworld.net/do-my-marketing-homework, and together they discuss all possible ways of writing a creative work. Therefore, our organization can be called a real youth community, where they discuss not only theoretical and religious dilemmas, but also work on whole projects. Because DeMolay chapters are run by DeMolays! Members are encouraged to be DIRECTLY responsible for their chapter’s activities. Dances, fundraisers, sporting event trips, and basketball tournaments, pool parties, competitions, community service projects—you name it—as long as it is within our guidelines and is done in the presence of at least two special, certified and trained adult men, called "Dad" Advisors.

Where do DeMolays Meet?
DeMolay chapters meet at least twice each month at a local Masonic lodge building, the one that belongs to each chapter’s Masonic sponsor. The sponsor provides an adult group, or Advisory Board, to supervise the Chapter’s activities.
What is in DeMolay for me?
The answer to that is easy... as much as you put into it! Active DeMolays expand their circle of friends, practice public speaking, enjoy fun activities, help their community, learn how to be team players, and effective leaders. There are also many opportunities to visit other chapters and to meet young women that belong to organizations similar to DeMolay. If there is one thing that DeMolay chapters are famous for, it is their activities with other fun organizations. Hayrides, beach parties, dances, theme parties: dream it and it can be done by you in your DeMolay chapter!
What are the membership requirements?
DeMolay accepts applications from young men between 13 and 21 years of age. It is required that applicants be of good character and believe in God or a Supreme Being. While DeMolay does not teach or require any particular religion, it encourages members to attend their own place of worship. Although prospective members need a Mason and a DeMolay to sponsor their petition for membership, they do not need to be related to either to join DeMolay.
What is the initiation like?
DeMolay’s initiation is a two-step process that is a serious, deeply meaningful ceremony. The first section explains the virtues of DeMolay by which one should guide his life. The second section is a thrilling drama about the final days in the life of our namesake, Jacques DeMolay, who gave up his life rather than betray his friends. The initiation contains no hazing or embarrassing acts, as they have no place in DeMolay.

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